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CNC Machining
Die Casting
Plastic Injection Molding


CNC Machining

We offer close tolerance CNC Milling, Drilling, Precision Surface Grinding, Welding, Thread Milling,Tapping and Turning on state-of-the-art Precision Machining equipment.

Plastic Injection Molding

We offer such diverse experience in:
  • 1) High Cavitation Production Molds
  • 2) Multi-shot
  • 3) Insert Molds…
  • 4) Unscrewing Molds

Die Casting

Our design of gating, runner and ventilation minimizes common die casting defects, such as: cold shut, poor fill, porosity, shrinkage porosity, and warping.


  • 1) Buff, Polish,Passivate,Deburr & Degrease
  • 2) Bead Blast, Nickel Plate
  • 3) Vibvatory & Roto Finish
  • 4) Tooth Hardening Chroming
  • 5) PVD

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  • Cutting Technology: Tapping or Thread Milling
  • Thread milling and tapping are two threaded holes processing methods. Tapping  is more common, but the thread milling has several advantages, it may be very important for your applications. We all know that tapping is not the only threading option . But the advantages of thread milling is far more than that. For example, a […]
  • Injection Molded Parts Design–by Elito
  • Injection molded parts are made of thermoplastics, a polymer that turns into liquid when heated then turns back to solid when cooled. Carefull thoughts on the following elements shall be considered for the design of plastic injection molded part. Wall Thickness As much as possible use a uniform wall thickness. If you must change the […]
  • Injection Molding Cycle Time
  • Cycle Time, is the time required to close a mold, inject the material, cool the material, open the mold, eject the part, and, in the case of inserts, reset the mold. Cycle times can be made faster by having well-designed parts with walls that maintain a uniform thickness and which are no thicker than necessary. […]
  • WHAT IS RIM? —Reaction Injection Molding Reaction Injection Molding (RIM,closed cell structures—flexible foams (open cell structure)) is the process by which molded polyurethane parts are made. In the process, 2 liquid components are mixed and injected into the mold where they chemically react and cure. Polyurethane molded parts can be rigid and solid like an […]
  • What are the reasons for “fiberglass exposed phenomenon ” and how to solve it ?
  • What is “fiberglass exposed phenomena ”: White fiberglass exposed on the exterior during plastic filling flow process , after condensation it will left radial white marks on the plastic surface . It will be severer if the plastic is black.       There are several reasons to be listed below: 1.During the plastic melt […]


  • Based on the plastic injection molds trial experience with SFMA team , I witnessed how they solved the molding problems , also their timely technical email communication helped answer a lot questions of our client .

    Jeeranan N

  • SFMA provided fast turnaround ,precise machining service to our Mexico facility , we are impressed by your quality and package solution . Also your proposed delivery method saved us a lot of time and tax . Definitely will recommend you to our other teams .

    Luis O

  • I myself own a metal manufacture company , need SFMA ‘s help with plastic injection mold design , mold making and injection molding including chrome plating , after a long time of design modification , we finally have a version that could meet my budget , thank you for your patient . Can’t wait to see my T1 samples .

    Sam S

  • I got my silicon rubber prototype for function and design testing , very satisfied with your service and cost-saving suggestion , would like to place a small volume order for market test , wish my product has a booming market and looking forward to our future cooperation .

    Tom Y

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